Fox News host Gretchen Carlson called the Playboy bunny “asexual,” “an agender person” and “a sociopath,” and said the magazine was “a breeding ground for the sexual deviants.”

    In a series of tweets, Carlson said the bunny’s owner, Linda McMahon, was “an unhinged, narcissistic, asexual, and asexual predator” who was known for abusing children.

    The former “GMA” host also claimed the bunny was not a Playboy bunny and called the bunny “an asexual.”

    Carlson, who is gay, was referring to the magazine’s cover story, “The Bunny Is asexual,” in which Linda McMahon is shown in her home with a “naked bunny in a cage.”

    “I think it’s a cruel joke, but it is funny.

    It’s a slap in the face,” Carlson tweeted.

    “She has the right to her own way of life.

    She is a person.

    She should be able to have it.

    She deserves to be treated as such.”

    McMahon told Fox News last month that the bunny is “a bunny in her own home.”

    The bunny is a bunny in its own home.

    Linda McMahon has a right to keep it.

    It has no human connection to her.

    — Gretchen (@GretchenCarlson) March 9, 2019Carlson also took aim at a Playboy Bunny ad featuring the “sexually attractive” model.

    “It’s a parody of what’s in Playboy magazines, but then they get away with it,” Carlson said.

    “The bunny has a sexual attraction to women and there is a little bit of a sexual deviance in the ad, but that’s part of what Playboy does.

    That’s part and parcel of the lifestyle.”

    McMillan said in a statement to Fox News that the Bunny ad “reflects the fact that Playboy is a magazine for women, a lifestyle for women.”

    “The Bunny is a very different animal than what we’ve seen in other publications, and it is in no way an endorsement of any of our products,” McMahon said.


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