The NHL’s new season starts in less than two weeks, and you probably don’t want to be spending your off-season shopping at a big department store like Nordstrom.

    The league has begun issuing guidelines to retailers to make sure they have a more inclusive wardrobe. 

    A big part of the league’s efforts is to make its games more inclusive.

    That means being more inclusive with the gender and race makeup of its rosters.

    But the league also wants its players to look good. 

    “We are constantly looking at ways to make players look better, and one of those is by looking at the way they dress,” Commissioner Gary Bettman said.

    “We want to make our players feel like they belong, and we want to encourage them to be better and more confident in their wardrobe choices.” 

    If you’re looking for a good wardrobe, you can go to Nordstrom, the retailer’s parent company, and pick up a few pairs of black and white jerseys. 

    You can also get a few white jerseys or a pair of white pants for your summer home, and there are some black or gray or black and gold pairs for casual wear. 

    There are a few exceptions, however, which can affect your choices: The league has created a list of what is considered to be “essential” or “basic” items. 

    But for example, the black jersey worn by Shea Weber is not essential, as the NHL is allowing players to wear it without a hat or mask, but it is still a piece of clothing. 

    If your team has a black jersey in their locker room, they should be able to wear black pants and a white or black shirt without any problems. 

    The same goes for the white jersey worn to celebrate the first win of the season. 

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    What can you wear in your summer wardrobe? 

    Top 10 best winter outfits: And this list of tips for summer that also applies to summer: Can you afford the new season? 

    How much can you save? 

    And here are the five best winter items you can wear for the winter season.

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