In a bid to help customers keep their expensive wardrobe on point, Walmart recently launched a campaign to offer people a discount on their next purchase.

    The promotion has already taken off, with shoppers posting photos of their own wardrobe malfunctioning and sending messages on social media with their own suggestions.

    Walmart’s latest campaign is aimed at customers who have been unable to get their wardrobe to work properly and have been disappointed in their wardrobe over the past month.

    In its first week, Walmart had a whopping 3,200 comments on a Reddit thread about the promotion.

    It’s a great opportunity to get your wardrobe working again and improve your wardrobe, writes one commenter.

    I hope it gets more people talking about the issue and I hope this gets more support for this issue.

    Walmart has also responded to the widespread online chatter, tweeting: “We understand that your experience may differ.

    If you are experiencing wardrobe malfunction please do not hesitate to call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-5-WASH.”

    Walter Walton Jr., Walmart’s founder, has been vocal in his opposition to the new Walmart initiative, claiming the retailer has failed to keep its customers in the loop and to offer them personalized service.

    In an interview with The Washington Post earlier this month, Walmart’s vice president of marketing said that while the retailer is trying to “help people understand their experience with their wardrobe,” he was “disappointed” by the response from customers.

    Walter has been quick to defend the retailer’s approach, saying it’s aimed at helping customers understand the problem and get back into the shopping loop quickly.

    “We’ve been talking to people, working with them and listening to their needs and concerns,” Walmart spokesperson Lisa DePelis told The Post in an email.

    While Walmart is not offering a cash back or discount, the retailer does offer a free gift card to its Walmart Rewards members, which will be matched by the store if a customer signs up for its Walmart Warehouse Service program.

    If you’ve been struggling to get the wardrobe working, we’ve got some great deals right here.

    Use code: SWAPOFF50 for 20% off your next purchase with Walmart, or use the code WASHBACK50 for 10% off with Walmart.

    (H/T: Business Insider) More from CNN:Walmart to help shoppers with wardrobe malfunctionAfter years of being a cash-heavy retailer, Walmart is trying something new with its new Walmart Warehouse service.


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