Sauder’s naked wardrobe sale ended abruptly on Tuesday night.

    Sauder said the sale had gone ahead and the salespeople had all been told they could not take part.

    The sale, which started with a display of Sauder dresses at a mall in Berlin, went on for hours and went on until 2am local time.

    A person in the store, who did not want to be named, told The Straits Times the sale was cancelled because the dresses were too expensive.

    The salespeople said they did not know how the dress dresses came from.

    They said they could sell the dresses for about $150,000 and had already sold another dress for about the same amount.

    Another person, who is also not named, said the dress sales had been going well and that they had received several offers of $200,000.

    “There were several offers that were on the table but unfortunately we were not able to sell them, because we couldn’t meet our budget,” the person said.

    One of the dresses sold was by designer and fashion house Gucci.

    This is the final sale of Sauders clothing in Germany.

    The designer was in Paris for the GQ fashion show in February and it has now been taken down.

    The dress sold at Sauder is from the collection of Gucci designer Alessandro Michele.

    There was no indication of a possible buyer for the dress.

    Sauder told German television that the dress was made by a designer who works at the Paris couture house.

    It is believed the dress will be sold to the public for about 30 euros ($32) but that may change once it has been made available for sale to a collector.

    Many items sold off were not sold on the website and the sale itself was not live-streamed on Facebook.

    On Tuesday, the Sauder dress, made by Alessandro, had been up for sale for $200 million.

    The dress was sold for $150 million on November 12, 2014.


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