The top-selling brand in India for the past three years has been Maryse.

    This time, it has been Ikea, whose brand is also well-known for its white garments.

    Maryse is known for its clean, feminine, and low-maintenance clothes.

    Its latest collection, called “Sassy,” has a mix of white and grey outfits with bright, colorful colours and a bright red bow.

    IKEA has seen a similar revival in recent years.

    Earlier this year, it started selling its classic white dresses in an all-white palette, and now it’s selling white dresses with bright colours and colourful bows.

    “Our white dresses are now very popular and also a big seller in the markets,” says N.S. Rajaswami, marketing manager, IKEa India.

    This was one of the first time IKEas white dresses were popular, and it has also helped the brand to grow its sales in the country.

    “The dress is very chic, but also the colours are bright and bright,” he says.

    The latest trends in the clothing business have seen a big rise in the Indian market.

    The popularity of women’s designer clothes, for example, has been increasing.

    In 2017, Indian women spent nearly $10 billion on clothing and accessories, according to Euromonitor International.

    In 2020, the Indian economy expanded by 8.9% and by 4.6% in 2019.

    But many Indian consumers are now spending their money on more basic items like clothes, shoes, and household appliances.

    The trend has also made it more affordable.

    “In India, fashion is a lot more affordable than it is in the US and Europe,” says Prashant Bhattacharya, managing director, Lifestyle Intelligence.

    This trend, he says, is partly due to the country’s large number of consumers.

    “They can buy their clothing in stores.

    And they can choose from different brands,” he adds.

    Ikeas popularity has also contributed to an increase in its sales.

    The brand has sold over 1.5 million IKEAS, the highest sales in India, according the Euromonitors International.

    While IKEAs sales have grown by 5% in the past two years, the brand is expected to sell another 1.2 million IAKs this year.

    That would be a big increase from last year, when the company sold only 1.1 million IAS.

    The company’s sales have been bolstered by a large influx of new IKE As into the Indian markets.

    The global market for white garments is still a small portion of the market, but India is poised to make up for lost market share to China and other countries in the coming years. 


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