If you have a new wardrobe, you are going to want a set of new clothes that are a little more expensive than what you have on hand.

    That’s because a set can cost more than a new pair of jeans or a pair of pants.

    However, when it comes to a set that needs a little extra help, there are a few ways to make your wardrobe malfunction a little less expensive.


    Make sure your new set doesn’t have a lot of pockets or pockets that are too big to fit in a shirt or a sweater.

    If you are shopping for a new outfit, be sure to choose clothes that don’t have pockets in the front or back that would require too much room in a t-shirt.


    Make the new set bigger.

    If your new outfit is more than an inch or two in diameter, it can be a bit of a challenge to fit everything in the wardrobe.

    A bigger wardrobe could be more of a problem, so try to make the new piece a little bigger.


    If the new item has pockets, try making it smaller.

    You could make it smaller by cutting the edges off the new garment and using those as a seam allowance.


    If all you have is a new piece of clothing, make it even bigger.

    Make it so the whole wardrobe is just one piece.

    You can also try sewing on some of the new pieces to the existing pieces to create a more cohesive piece.


    Try using a new style of fabric for your wardrobe.

    If it is a more traditional style, make sure you use something different from your existing wardrobe.

    For example, if you have denim, you could try using a more classic type of fabric.


    If there are pockets on the new items, try getting a new pattern or fabric.

    For a more sophisticated outfit, try using some kind of fabric that has pockets on it. 7.

    Try trying out a new accessory.

    If a new addition to your wardrobe has a new way of using your wardrobe, try trying that out.

    For instance, you might use a handbag as a pocket in the new outfit and try putting it on the front of the outfit.

    Or you might buy a new necklace for your old one to try out that way of use.


    If new pieces aren’t enough to fit all of your outfits, try shopping for clothes that can be altered or reworked.

    For many new outfits, you will need to change a couple of items on your wardrobe so that it can fit new outfits.

    If these items aren’t on the list, check with your retailer or department store to see if they can help you out.

    If they can’t, make a list of items that you can easily modify or rework to make a new look.


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