Christina Hendricks was asked on her Instagram page last month if she was a model, and responded, “I’m not a Model.

    I’m a person.”

    It was a response she has since deleted.

    Her comments came amid a heated debate over the lack of representation of models and women in the fashion industry.

    A number of women’s groups, including Models Without Borders, have called for models to be given a seat at the table in the industry, saying the lack, especially in the modeling industry, is a barrier to female participation in the field.

    The hashtag #ModelNotAModel began trending on social media last week after an Instagram photo of the actress wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat with the caption, “What do you think?

    I am a model.

    Not a model.”

    On Tuesday, she said, “We are not just models, we are people, too.”

    She later posted, “The way I see it is, as an artist, it’s not my responsibility to put out the image of myself.

    I can tell you who my inspiration is and I have to share it with the world.

    The other way around is, if I am not a part of it, then what do I have the right to say?

    That’s what I am trying to say to you.”

    Hendricks said on Tuesday, “It’s my life.

    It’s not a thing I have control over.

    I don’t control my own life.

    I have no control over what I put out on the internet.”

    Honda said it was a mistake to have her post, and it will be addressed with her and her management team, she added.

    Hendrick has since responded, writing on Instagram, “That is the kind of attitude that says, ‘I am better than you.’

    It’s so sad.”

    She also called out the industry’s lack of diversity.

    “You know, I feel like we need to change that attitude,” she said.

    “We need to stop saying, ‘Oh, it has to be a white guy, it must be a woman.’


    We need to be saying, it can be a guy.

    It can be me.

    We all have the same value.

    Hendo, who is black, has not responded to the criticism, but the controversy has made her a star among fashion insiders and some celebrities.”

    And that is what we need, and that is the message we need for this whole thing.”

    Hendo, who is black, has not responded to the criticism, but the controversy has made her a star among fashion insiders and some celebrities.

    Hollywood Reporter columnist Jules Baumgarner, a frequent critic of the fashion world, said she was “dismayed” by the response to Hendricks’ comments, calling them “offensive, insulting and incredibly condescending.”

    “She has the right and responsibility to her work and the business to tell her story, but she is not entitled to a platform to do so,” Baumgarter wrote.


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