It’s a well-worn, well-known term for dressing up in outfits that are appropriate for your particular style and mood, and that you’ll be able to wear for many years.

    It’s also an oft-repeated phrase in the fashion world, even though it’s never really been an official term.

    But, thanks to a new study, it’s finally being officially defined as an official word in fashion, and it may not even be the only one.

    According to a recent study by the University of Virginia’s Fashion Institute of Technology, a “Wardrobe” is the term that most people are familiar with when they hear the word “fashion.”

    It also has the most frequent usage, according to the study, at around 1.8 million.

    According the study’s authors, the word was originally used in the 1980s in an attempt to describe clothing items that could be purchased by the consumer in the U.S. but could be worn by the designer.

    The word then became associated with a certain kind of outfit, such as a high-waisted, high-cut shirt, a skirt with a pleated skirt, and so on.

    And then it started to be used more generally to describe any kind of clothing, not just “fashion” clothes.

    So, the study said, “a ‘Wardrobes’ is a generic term used in a variety of fashion contexts.”

    But that doesn’t mean that it’s a synonym for the term “fashion,” said study co-author Emily Krakauer, a professor of design and communication at the school.

    “Wardroves” was originally meant to refer to a specific kind of “fashion apparel,” said Krakau, who wrote a paper for the study.

    “The term ‘fashion apparel’ is the most widely used, but it doesn’t really cover all types of garments.”

    What do you think of the study?

    Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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