I love the word “awkward”.

    You know the one, right?

    The one where someone starts a conversation and says something you’re not expecting, but you still need to stop and take a moment to consider.

    But what if you’re the one with a wardrobe malfunction?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    The wardrobe malfunction has become such a common occurrence that there’s a dictionary that lists the things that can happen in an awkward situation.

    You can say it’s the first thing you hear someone say.

    “Wish you had a bigger wardrobe,” is the first line of an article about your wardrobe.

    But what if the wardrobe malfunction doesn’t occur until after you’ve bought it?

    You don’t have to be the one saying, “Wish I had a larger wardrobe” in an article that asks, “What to look for when buying a wardrobe?”

    If you have an outfit that looks great on the outside but doesn’t fit the rest of your body and you’re struggling to decide if it needs to be a little more fitted or a little looser, it’s not a wardrobe problem if the first statement you hear is, “Oh, no, it doesn’t look right.”

    When you make a wardrobe purchase, think of what you want it to look like.

    For instance, if you wear a lot of loose, fitted shirts, and a lot less fitted, loose, buttoned-up shirts, your wardrobe will look less comfortable and less comfortable will mean less money in the bank.

    What about those who wear lots of tight shirts and a little less fitted?

    Their wardrobe will be a bit less comfortable, but it will also look more attractive on the inside.

    I’ve heard this quote before, “When you’re ready to spend money, you buy more clothes.”

    It’s an old saying, but sometimes it works.

    When buying a new outfit, think about what you really want.

    You want something that’s going to be comfortable and will hold up over time. You don


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