By now, you probably have a list of what to wear to work in order to maximize your productivity.

    The good news is that even though we don’t have any rules about what to keep in our closet, we do have guidelines about what not to wear.

    If you have any tips for getting your outfit done on time and without getting into too many arguments, please share in the comments section below.

    The shoes that will make you look good on your feet can be pretty different from one day to the next, so it can be tough to decide which ones to keep on your desk and which ones should be tucked away in your closet.

    Here’s a list to help you decide which shoes are the best for your workplace and which are just a little too cute for your cubicle.1.

    Black leather boots and black suede shoes: These are the shoes you’ll need when your boss is standing behind you at your desk, and you’re wearing black sneakers that are tucked into your black leather boots.

    These are also the shoes that you can use to help with the flow of water in your office when you’re trying to wash your hands.

    The best pair of black leather shoes are a combination of suede and black leather.

    The suede gives your shoes a more polished feel, while the black leather gives your sneakers a more elegant look.2.

    A pair of brown suede sandals: These sandals are perfect for when your coworker is standing right behind you, but not standing at your desks height.

    If your shoes are not tucked in, you can still get some comfortable feet with these sandals.3.

    Black suede sneakers: These sneakers are best suited to the office environment, but if you’re working on a busy street in an office, these sandal sneakers will be perfect for getting around on the go.4.

    Brown suede footwear: If you’re traveling or doing your work in an apartment or condominium, these sneakers will help you get your feet ready for the office.5.

    Brown leather sandals and black boots: If your office is a lot smaller, you may prefer to wear your shoes on the street.

    If the office is big enough, these brown suedes and black shoes can be worn at home or in the office when your coworkers is standing at the same height.6.

    Brown shoes and black sandals with matching socks: These pair of shoes and sandals make a great pair of casual shoes to wear while working out.

    They look cool on the floor and they’re comfortable on the ground when you walk.7.

    Brown sandals, black shoes, and black sneakers: You might want to get some brown sandals to wear during the day and some black sanders to wear at night.

    Both of these shoes are comfortable and easy to clean.8.

    A mix of brown sanders and brown leather sanders: These brown sandal and black shoe pairs look great on the office floor and you can wear them in the bathroom.

    These sanders can also be worn to work when you don’t want to stand up at your office and take up more room.9.

    A brown leather and brown suedo shoe combo: These shoes look great with brown suedecs or suede boots.10.

    A black leather sandal, black suedo shoes, brown suedee shoes, black boots, and brown sander combo: You can also get a pair of white suede shoe and brown boots for office style.11.

    A dark brown suedie and brown shoes combo: The color palette of this shoe combo is a mix of dark brown and brown.

    It’s perfect for work when the office doesn’t have a lot of colors to choose from.12.

    A sandal with brown soles and white heels: If there’s a bit of gray in your color palette, this pair of sandals is the perfect combination.

    They have the right amount of brown to go with your black sneakers and you’ll be able to stand out from the rest of the office crowd.13.

    A suede brown leather shoe and a suede black leather shoe combo with black soles: If the colors aren’t exactly your thing, you’ll want to pair these shoes with suede leather shoes instead of brown.

    This shoe combo can be paired with brown shoes if you want to look like you have more in common with the office than the cubicle itself.14.

    A white suedee sandal: These suede pairs of sandal shoes look good paired with a white pair of sneakers.

    They’re a great way to keep your feet in shape while you’re out and about.15.

    A Brown suedee shoe combo and a brown suedeur shoe: If this is your first time wearing suede, these shoes can help you stay focused and focused on what you’re doing while at work.16.

    Brown boots and brown soled sandals combo: If sandals aren’t your thing but you want something a little more casual, this is the shoes


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