In the wake of the shock decision to bench Ricky Ponting, it was an odd moment to see Kevin Pietersen’s uniform.

    But it’s the way the ball was played that has been the biggest concern for Australia.

    He’s been a big part of the Australian team for most of his career, and has been a regular at the top of the order for several years now.

    But when he is not playing at the highest level, his ball is usually thrown to him in the nets.

    He has never thrown the ball to any other Australian, not even in the World Cup.

    His jumper is not particularly high-tech and he does not wear gloves to protect his skin, but it’s been the most obvious concern when he has played, with his jumper often being too high and his ball not being able to bounce as far.

    It has become a topic of conversation for commentators and fans alike, and it’s understandable.

    But Pietersen is only one part of Australia’s side.

    He is not the only one.

    He also has a lot of support, which is a problem for a player who is used to being the first man on the field.

    Pietersen’s jumper “I’ve got a lot more confidence playing with my back to the fence, especially in the Test arena,” Pietersen said.

    “When I played in the Aussie Test, it is a different ball, it’s a different bat, it has different spin and you need a bit more support.

    I feel I’ve got that.

    I don’t want to be the one that is getting knocked out.

    I want to go and play at the best level I can.”

    It’s a sentiment Pietersen has expressed before.

    The way he plays is one of the reasons why he is the team’s best player.

    He doesn’t throw the ball hard and often is able to put on a show for the other team.

    He can be the most decisive player in the team, something he was once at his best.

    But his ability to do that has diminished this year, and with the number of batsmen that Australia has fielded, there has been more pressure placed on him.

    Even though he is a very good bowler, it hasn’t always been enough.

    In recent years, Australia has lost two of the three Test series they have played without him, including the 2013 Ashes.

    It is a major reason for the lack of consistency in their batting.

    Pietersen made only 12 runs in the second Test, and in the third Test, he made just two in the four innings, with two of those coming in the last 20 overs.

    He hasn’t been able to maintain his pace, and when Australia was beaten by England in the final, he struggled with his fitness and didn’t get enough opportunities to be effective.

    At the end of the series, he was forced to retire after scoring only four runs in five innings.

    There have been some positives in his performance.

    He managed to take some wickets in the first innings, but lost control of the ball as Australia struggled to get the ball rolling.

    Despite his struggles, Pietersen can still be a threat, and he is capable of doing something special, particularly with a team that has so many quality batsmen.

    Australia have always been a team with pace.

    When Pietersen was captain, they would bowl hard and get on top of their opponents.

    But now they have become too slow and have had too many runs bowled in a series.

    That has made it difficult for the Australians to hit the ball well and bowl hard.

    Pieters is still a great batsman, but he can be relied upon to bowl a bit of a bit, and have the ability to play in the middle order when the ball is bowling poorly.

    For all the issues with Pietersen, he still has the talent to become one of Australia ‘s best players.

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