Posted February 17, 2019 12:01:55In a world where we are inundated with fashion trends, it is hard to deny the importance of wearing something that is functional and functionalistic.

    From denim jeans to hoodies, from sneakers to sweatshirts, this year has seen a proliferation of designer and streetwear items that have helped push the boundaries of comfort and functionality.

    Whether you are a fashion novice looking for inspiration or a seasoned professional looking for a unique take on a timeless piece, these five essential plastic wardrobe staples are sure to get you into the spirit of dressing.1.

    PTFE® Wool Bags and Zip Pull Ties – PTFES® Wool bags are made of synthetic, lightweight polyester and are water-resistant.

    This is why they can be used with a lot of different fabrics and materials.

    They can be sewn on or folded up.

    PULT™ Cotton is a popular option for this.PTFES™ Wool bags, with their sleek design and unique look, are perfect for keeping your favorite clothing items organized.

    They also provide a great storage option for those occasions when you need to pull a few items out of your wardrobe and keep them all organized.2.

    T-Shirts – T-shirts are great for keeping the colors of your outfit fresh and vibrant, but they are not as functional as they look on paper.

    They are perfect when it comes to keeping things organized.

    Try t-shirts in black, grey, red, or brown.

    They have a sleek, classic look that looks great on your jeans or sneakers.


    Cotton Ties and Tops – Cotton t-shirt tops are great if you are looking to make a statement, or simply if you just want to keep things casual and simple.

    Cotton tops are lightweight and have great versatility, but it is a great way to wear your favorite color.

    They’re perfect for a casual look, or when you just need a casual t-zone for when you are not on the go.4.

    Zippers – Zippers are one of the most important pieces of your clothing closet.

    They provide extra protection and make the process of organizing your clothing easier and less stressful.

    A zipper helps make the clothes fit together so they look great.5.

    Pops – Pops are the perfect accessory to add to your wardrobe if you’re not into the style of classic.

    They make the perfect gift for someone who likes to look good and feel great.

    These pops are perfect to wear on a date, during the work day, and for a day out with friends.


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