By MATT GARDNER | SEPTEMBER 25, 2017 | 12:45 p.m.

    EDT”I think what I love about these people, these designers, is they’re the ones that don’t care what’s out there, they’re not afraid to stand out,” says Liz Mazzocco, the fashion editor of Esquire and founder of The Dandy Girl.

    “The one thing that separates them is their work ethic.

    It’s not about having a lot of money or having a high profile.

    This is a community that really wants to get their work done.

    It makes me really happy.” 

    The Dandy Girls, who have worked together since 2010, have been a model of luxury couture for years.

    They launched the Dandy-inspired clothing line in 2010 with a line of luxury-y dresses and skirts.

    The first one, a “tomboy-pink” dress, sold out within hours of being released. 

    “The clothes they’ve been making for years, it’s really, really good,” Mazzoccio says.

    “They’re really high quality, really unique and fun to wear.

    They don’t just make clothes for us, they make clothes to help us.

    So, it was just great to work with them.” 

    In a nod to the Dames, the designers also use the name Dandy, as in Dandy Dandy. 

     “I’m a little bit of an Old Spice guy, but I love the old Spice, the Darryl,” Mzzocco says.

     “We also have a little love for all the different shades of the color green.

    It kind of ties everything together.

    There’s just so much history in our world, and the Darks are just the quintessential Dandy girl.”

    The Daughters have also been a staple on the runway, as evidenced by their runway show that features a runway of couture pieces by designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Stella McCartney, and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

    In addition to Daughters clothing, Mazzos dress line includes a line called The Dukes, which includes a range of dresses, skirts, and sweaters. 

    The designer’s own personal style is inspired by the style of the late fashion designer Frank Lloyd Wright. 

    Wright was an American architect and a pioneering designer who was known for his design style. 

    According to Mazzoco, Wright’s style is about “the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship that you’re able to produce.” 

    “There’s a lot that comes out of his work, especially his house,” she says. 

    And that’s exactly what the Daughters line is about. 

    They have a range that includes dresses that are tailored, and a range for sweaters, jackets, and jackets with pockets, as well as dresses with a “fancy cut” and pockets. 

    If you’re in the market for something tailored, the designer’s new collection for Fall could be just what you’re looking for.


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