A new study finds that even when you have baby gear you’re still going to need to pack it out for a while.

    In a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers found that women who were wearing maternity clothes for the first time were twice as likely to be diagnosed with PMS as women who had never worn them.

    According to the study, women who wore maternity clothes were also more likely to have a history of PMS, even though they had worn them less than women who didn’t.

    The researchers, who analyzed data from nearly 8,000 women, concluded that women should wear maternity clothes to avoid the negative effects of PM and menstrual cycle disruption.

    The researchers concluded that the lack of wear on women’s backs and legs can be the biggest hurdle to finding the right maternity wardrobe.

    “The first thing women should be thinking about is how they can find the best maternity wardrobe, whether it be by choosing maternity dresses or maternity tops,” said Dr. Kristine A. Brown, a researcher at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the study’s lead author.

    While women can find maternity clothing in maternity stores, there’s often not enough room in the closet.

    Some women prefer to wear maternity skirts or shorts, but that doesn’t always work out as well for them.

    They’re often uncomfortable with their bra straps being too loose and their bra too tight.

    “For some women, the bra is just a comfort item that’s kind of in the back of their mind,” Brown said.

    A more comfortable solution is to choose maternity tops, which have wider straps and can also be made more comfortable for women who may not be comfortable wearing bras at all. 

    “Maternity tops have straps that are more comfortable and there are no straps that extend past the hips,” Brown added.

    For the study to be considered credible, the researchers needed to find a sample of women who hadn’t worn maternity clothing.

    Researchers also wanted to make sure that the women they were examining had not worn maternity tops before.

    They also wanted women to wear the maternity clothes that were most comfortable for them, but also had the most options for purchasing other items, like accessories, so that women had something to wear while they were pregnant.

    The researchers found the women who used maternity tops were more likely than women in the control group to have symptoms of PM or menstrual cycle disorder.

    They were also much more likely on the days when they had a period.

    Despite their discomfort, however, the women in this study were able to find maternity clothes they liked.

    “It was really important for women to try on maternity clothes and find out if they liked it or not,” Brown explained. 

    While the research showed that a woman’s choice to wear a maternity shirt or skirt may be less important than the items they choose to wear, it’s important to remember that women may be more likely if they wear maternity clothing to avoid some of the negative side effects of the menstrual cycle.

    If you have more questions about the study or your own experience with PMSA, contact Brown at [email protected] or visit the National Center for Health Statistics website to get help finding the information you need.


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