The biggest brands in men’s and women’s fashion are trying to outdo one another in the big world of womenswear.

    But where does that money come from?

    And where does the money go?

    A large part of women’s wardrobe costs comes from men’s companies.

    It’s a different story for women’s designers and designers who design for men.

    “The market is really saturated, the number of designers who are doing womens has gone down over the last couple of years,” says Lisa Williams from brand consultancy Blythe.

    “Women are still trying to figure out how to compete with men in the market and there is no obvious way out.”

    I think the market is changing, but it’s a big challenge.

    “The market for womens’ fashion is shrinkingWomen’s clothes have grown by 10% since the 1970s, with men buying 10% more.”

    They have started to realise the impact of women on the business and the value that women bring to the business,” says Williams.”

    It’s just about making sure that the business stays competitive and that women are the only women in the business.

    “There are also huge opportunities for women designers to create products that are tailored to the individual needs of the individual designer.”

    There are lots of opportunities for brands to have a lot of fun with womens, it’s just really about making the business work,” says Mandy Cunliffe, head of women fashion at Wacoal.”

    What we’re doing is trying to bring some creativity to the women’s industry and not just to make womens look good but also to make the business as viable as possible.

    “Women are making their own clothingWomen are spending more on clothing and accessories than ever before, says the Women’s Wear Daily’s executive director, Claire Mclaughlin.”

    We see the value of a womens wardrobe, and we think women are really buying it,” she says.”

    This is the new way to dress, the new look that women have started adopting and are really embracing, which is the kind of look that they want to go for when they’re shopping for a wardrobe.

    “Wearables are a big part of womans wardrobeBut it’s not just women who are buying womens clothing.

    Men are also buying womans clothes, says Williams, and women are buying men’s clothing too.”

    Womens clothing is becoming more mainstream in the men’s world, especially in men,” she adds.”

    Men are using womens clothes for everything from dressing for a party to a wedding to a business trip.

    “And the men are wearing womens suits and women aren’t wearing womans shoes.”

    Womans’ style and style are evolvingWomen fashion is evolving too, says Cunilliffe, with women’s clothing becoming more tailored to suit their tastes.

    “With the way that womens have evolved, it is very much about how you want to look and the way you want your hair to look,” she explains.

    “So the more you do it the more different the look will be.”

    Cunillice says there are still some barriers to womens fashion being taken seriously.

    “If you’re a woman that’s into men’s style, you can’t really buy womens,” she said.

    “Because men have already got their own ideas of what is and isn’t appropriate for a woman to wear.”

    But if you’re not into men, then you can buy womans.

    “A lot of the time when we see a woman wearing womensen, we say ‘oh my gosh, you are a woman’.”

    But in a world where women are starting to take up more and more roles in the workplace, the need for womans clothing to reflect that is growing.

    “In the workplace there is a very big emphasis on women’s style,” says Cunniffe.

    “Most of the women in my office are women.

    But in the fashion industry there are a lot more women.”

    When we see womens wear in the media, people look at it and they look at us as the odd person out.

    “The Wacoa womens boutique is one example.

    It opened in 2009 in Waco, Texas, and has grown into one of the largest womens-only retailers in the world.”

    You have to be very careful with what you put on there because you can be very creative and be really good at it, but you can also be really bad,” says Waco’s executive vice-president, Angela Loomis.”

    That’s why it’s important that we keep it clean, that it’s clean enough, that the materials are made to last a long time.

    “One of the things that we have done is to create a range of womensen with all of our own designs and to do a range that we know people will love.”

    But there is still a big gap between womens and men’s fashion


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