If you want to be like the people in “Star Wars” who are constantly dressing like you are, you can do it with the help of a lot of outfits, and a lot more.

    For starters, a lot.

    And they are super-easy to make.

    You just need a few essentials that you’ll need.

    Here are 10 of the coolest outfits we could find:It’s no secret that the Star Wars fandom is one of the most diverse in the world.

    We can’t help but get dressed up in the same outfits, whether we’re dressing up as a “Starwalker” or a “Han Solo” or whatever it is we wear.

    But for our “Star Trek” costume, we decided to go with a lot and try to get as much as possible out of it.

    We started with a black hoodie, which is just one of many ways to dress up as the Borg, a mysterious species that is also called the “Borgs.”

    The hoodie comes in many different styles, and is usually black, but can also include a white or gray shirt.

    (We used the white shirt for our video tutorial, which you can check out below.)

    Here’s how to get a hoodie.

    (Photo by Natalie Tricote/Wired)Here’s the best way to wear it.

    (The hoodie is made of a fabric called T-shirt, which means it’s a little more stretchy than a regular hoodie.)

    Here’s how you can create one yourself.

    (You can also get some inspiration for a hoody by watching the “StarWars” trailer .)

    First, the hoodie:There are many hoodies out there, but we think this one is the best.

    It has a few features that make it stand out:It has a hood, which adds some character to your look, and it’s super-sexy.

    And it’s available in many colors, too.

    Here’s what you need to make your own: (Photo courtesy of WashedUp)You can get your hoodie at the store like any other hoodie; it comes in a variety of colors.

    We found the one we used here to be the most comfortable.

    Here are some other things you should know:The hood is super-long, so it makes it easy to find your place in the dress.

    Here, we put it on over our hooded sweatshirt and belt, which makes it even easier to find the right outfit for you.

    (If you’re going to be wearing a hooded jacket, here’s some additional tips for that.)

    Once you’ve gotten everything you need, you just need to put on your hood, put on the shirt, put the hood over your hooded sweater, and voila!

    You’re ready to wear your “Starwalkers” outfit.

    Here’s a tutorial on how to make the hood.

    (This is how we ended up with our black hood, not the white one.)

    (Photo: Natalie Trichote/The Verge)You could also wear a hood over the shirt to get that extra bit of style.

    (But that would also be a really boring look.)

    Here are a few other options.

    (It’s worth noting that we used a black shirt and hooded blouse, but there are many other options.)

    For more information about hoodies and how to create your own, check out our “Starship Command” guide.

    And there you have it: 10 outfits that you could be wearing if you wanted to be.

    But if you just want to show off your favorite Star Wars character, there are a bunch of other ways to make it.

    Check out the “Wired” video tutorial to get started.


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