A teenager has posted an incredible video on YouTube of himself dressed in a “weird” wardrobe while working in a plastics recycling factory.

    In the video, the 17-year-old can be seen wearing a grey shirt and trousers, a green coat, and a grey tie.

    He also uses a pair of sunglasses to hide his eyes, which can be clearly seen.

    “I’m going to work on my wardrobe malfuntion,” he said in the video.

    The video was filmed on November 10 and the teenager posted it to Instagram a day later.

    It has been viewed more than 11,000 times.

    In the same video, he can be heard saying “I have to be careful when it comes to this”.

    “I’ve had a few bad incidents with some kids and I think they’re all too easily influenced,” he says.

    “And they’ve all just gone out and done it.

    I don’t want them to do it to me.

    I want them all to do this to me.”

    In the last six months, there have been several incidents of children dressing in inappropriate clothes.

    In February, a 14-year, female student at a primary school in Queensland, Sydney, was caught on CCTV leaving the school in a skirt and top.

    She also told the media that she had been wearing the skirt, top and hoodie, but could not remember the last time she wore them.

    Another incident, involving a male schoolboy in South Australia, involved the student using a pair with the word “bitch” printed on them.

    It prompted a response from South Australia’s education minister, who said the state’s education code prohibited students from wearing “any garment that indicates sexual orientation”.

    “The school was aware of the video and took swift action to investigate the matter,” he wrote.

    However, there has been no official response from the Education Department.

    Experts have told The Lad that young people have been dressing inappropriately in the past, with the worst offenders being teenagers who wear clothes that are “very similar to what you would wear in a school uniform”.

    In a report, the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) said that “a growing number of young people are dressing in these ways”.

    “They are often worn in casual and unkempt settings, often with a simple grey coat and tie, which is not reflective of any formal attire or the person’s age,” ACER said.

    They can also be seen in the following images, all of which were taken in February: In April, an 11-year old boy in New South Wales was caught wearing a white T-shirt in a supermarket.

    More recently, a 13-year boy was caught in November in Queensland wearing a “disguised” dress that covered his stomach.

    He was later caught on camera, as well as a friend, and told the police he did not know what was going on.



    Which clothes are your new favorites?

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